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Coin (Flat) Wrappers

This is Flat Out our Most Popular Style.

Flat wrappers, our most popular, pop open with just a squeeze for ease of use. They are sized to absolute tolerance for a perfect fit in all coin equipment while weld-seam gluing provides guaranteed strength. Made from 60# Natural (Brown) Kraft Paper, these wrappers use bright, fade-resistant, and ecologically safe ABA standard colors. All are conveniently packaged in quantities of 1,000 per shrink-wrapped tray. Half-sized, token-sized, and specially sized wrappers are available upon request. Imprinting is available at no extra charge.


PAP-R Products Co.

    PO Box N

    1 Harry Glynn Drive

    Martinsville, IL 62442

    Phone: (800) 637-4937

    Fax: (217) 382-4242

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