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Who We Are


PAP-R Products Company has been in the business of customer service and high quality for over 50 years. In order to provide the highest level of each to our customers, PAP-R Products focuses on supporting individuals and families. Since its creation in 1947, PAP-R Products has been family owned. Family is important to PAP-R Products. We support our employees and their families with inexpensive health care and the

flexibility to work around family needs. Keeping employees happy is one way PAP-R Products keeps its customers happy.

In addition to a focus on family, PAP-R Products is involved with the community. From support of local softball teams to involvement in the local and county fairs, PAP-R Products and its employees work openly and behind the scenes to make each the best it can be.

For our customers, we keep communication open to ensure that all issues are handled quickly and reasonably and that orders are processed promptly to give the greatest flexibility to our customers to suit their needs. We also carry the most complete line of currency and coin wrapping supplies making us the one-stop manufacturer of wrapping products for banking, retail, and home use. To ensure rapid and cost-effective delivery of all our products we have two locations: our main manufacturing location in Martinsville, IL and our plant in Reno, NV.

Looking towards the future, we are always seeking out new ways of improving the products and services we can offer to our existing and possible new customers. If you have any suggestions or ideas we would be happy to consider them. Please go to Contact Us and drop us a line!


PAP-R Products Co.

    PO Box N

    1 Harry Glynn Drive

    Martinsville, IL 62442

    Phone: (800) 637-4937

    Fax: (217) 382-4242

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