Our Automatic Coin Rolls are guaranteed to work in all wrapping machines because
they're made from special 45# Bleached (White) Kraft Paper. These rolls also conform
to ABA color requirements with bright, fade-resistant, and ecologically safe ink. What's
more, these wraps won't jam office shredders. You have three sizes to choose from:

500' - Approximately 1,000 wraps and 6" in diameter. Packaged 12 per case.
1000' - Approximately 2,000 wraps and 8" in diameter. Packaged 8 per case.
2000' - Approximately 4,000 wraps and 12" in diameter. Packaged 4 per

Imprinting is available at no extra charge. Special sizes and colors are available upon
Automatic Coin Rolls (ACR)
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Keep "Rolling" With Our Automatic Coin Rolls (ACR).